Field report: University of Delaware/ACEER project to preserve the culture of the Ese’ Eja in the Peruvian Amazon

We know that rainforest destruction and climate change are leading to mass extinctions of plants and animals. But did you know that cultural extinction is occurring as well? Native Amazonian peoples are struggling for their very existence. ACEER is collaborating with the National Geographic Society and the University of Delaware to help the Ese Eja people of Peru preserve their culture. Watch this video to see how. Your support of ACEER makes a difference in the lives of the Amazonian people, please click here to see how you can partner with us by making a donation, attending a workshop, or purchasing coffee and other goods right here on our website! We want to thank you for taking the time to explore our website and we welcome your sharing ACEER’s web page and social media sites on your pages and platforms, every effort is deeply appreciated and so important to the work we do here at ACEER.

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The Ese’Eja: From a Cotton Thread in the Sky to Protectors of the Amazon



Learn More About The Project on the new
Ese’Eja Website

Ese Eja website

The project has started a basic website for the Ese’Eja.  This is an easy to use platform that we can turn over to the Ese’Eja to update and maintain once the major components are built. Please note that everything published so far is based around the actual project and not the results of the project.  Everything else like the stories, medicinal plants, daily life… will be cleared before we post or publish.  On the website people can sign up with their email address and we can keep them updated on the progress of the project.

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