From Intern to Thesis Researcher to a Graduated Engineer!

Lizeyka Xilena Barra Polanco, joined ACEER in 2012 as a pre-professional intern with the “leaf pack” project. With her characteristic charismatic manner she worked guiding students in the field, and classifying and identifying samples of benthic macroinvertebrates in the laboratory. In 2013, Lizeyka continued her work as a field assistant on our water quality research project on the Puerto Maldonado-Cusco interoceanic highway. Thanks to her experience with ACEER, Lizeyka decided to specialize in macroinvertebrate ecology for her research thesis.

Lizeyka Xilena Barra Polanco

Lizeyka was hired by ACEER during 2015 as assistant coordinator of the educational project “leaf pack”, while she was also working on her research thesis. She graduated as a Forest and Environmental Engineer in 2016 from the Madre de Dios National University (UNMAD), evaluating and researching the water quality of nine ravines in Madre de Dios, using the leaf pack method. She is currently working independently and studying English; she plans to pursue a master degree in the near future.

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