Coffee Partnership to Fund Conservation in the Peruvian Amazon

Coffee1The ACEER Foundation and Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters of West Chester, Pennsylvania, have entered into a major collaboration to foster sustainable coffee development in the Amazon Basin while providing consumers with 100% Peruvian, 100% organic, 100% shade grown, and certified bird friendly coffee.

“ACEER is thrilled to join Golden Valley Farms in fostering Amazon conservation through our AMIGOS Partnership for Education program and by working with the farmers of the La Florida coffee co-operative in Peru to maintain, protect, and expand their sustainable coffee production,” said ACEER’s President, Dr. Roger Mustalish. “We applaud their commitment to corporate social responsibility and we see them as a fine example of what we call the Business of Biodiversity…the recognition that such good business practices are also good for the planet,” he noted.

Coffee2It’s win-win-win all around,” added Golden Valley’s founder John Sarcharok. “Farmers get a fair price for their coffee, the plantations are certified as protecting migratory song bird habitat by the Smithsonian Institution, the forest canopy (critical to mitigating climate change) is maintained, and we offer the consumer this superior coffee free of herbicides and pesticides.”

When consumers buy and drink this product, they can rest assured that the coffee is not only good…it also does good by providing ACEER with needed funds to support its conservation mission in the Amazon,” added Sacharok.

Peruvian Coffee BagMost coffee grown around the world is sun grown, meaning the forest has been cleared for coffee plantations, disrupting native plants and animals, damaging waterways, burdening the soil with chemicals, and severely eroding the critical habitats of migratory song birds. Not so with Amazon Forest…the 100% Peruvian coffee being offered by Golden Valley Farms as part of this collaboration with ACEER.

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