ACEER’s Next 25

The ACEER Foundation has just celebrated its 25th anniversary as a dynamic force for rainforest conservation and looks forward to its next 25. The ACEER has two new and exciting initiatives: The Learning Hub and Conservation Café and the Global Conservation Leadership Institute. These initiatives will allow us to continue to grow and expand our efforts as an effective organization for Amazon conservation in these upcoming years.


The Learning Hub and Conservation Café will be a state of the art learning center. It will unite teachers, conservation professionals, and community leaders in an interactive meeting environment. The learning center will allow them access to innovative learning technologies, enhanced Internet, digital databases, computers, and much more. All of this will serve to create real world outcomes that measurably promote conservation and restoration in the Amazon.

Our second initiative, the Global Conservation Leadership Institute, will create a new cadre of leaders. It will focus on fostering leadership skills for emerging, top tier professionals, through immersive and experiential learning opportunities. It is designed to promote creative problem solving in truly transdisciplinary ways. The institute will provide access to, and direct interaction with, a world-class faculty, allowing participants to create lasting personal and professional relationships with peers from around the world. The Global Conservation Institute will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to improve people’s lives and protect the Amazon.

These exciting initiatives are the foundation of ACEER’s next 25 years of devotion to the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest. We are looking forward to them.

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