From Volunteer to ACEER Staff

Therany Gonzales Ojeda
Therany Gonzales Ojeda

Therany Gonzales Ojeda, first became an ACEER volunteer in 2005, working out of our Puerto Maldonado office. At the request of our program coordinator there, he joined the project “From School to the Garden”, supporting the content and activities in our medicinal plant gardens aimed at teaching local school children about the botanical biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

An already accomplished engineer from the region, Therany brought to ACEER an impressive record of field experience, including numerous research projects in the southern Peruvian Amazon. Therany’s work with us grew to include serving as a field guide for many of ACEER’s university outreach workshops and academic courses.

Seven years later, he was hired by ACEER to work as the lead coordinator of the “Leaf Pack” research project to assess the impact of the interoceanic highway on the aquatic biodiversity of adjacent watersheds. He was instrumental in its success, from planning and execution in the field, through to the presentation of results. Therany is now ACEER’s Scientific and Education Coordinator in Madre de Dios and has been part of ACEER’s family for over 11 years, continuing his professional growth with us.

Ethnobotanical Studies Scholarship: James A. Duke

This scholarship from Dr. James A. Duke, was created by the Board of Directors of the ACEER Foundation to honour this renowned Ethnobotanist and member of ACEER.

Dr. Duke, whose professional training was as a systematic botanist, was leading the service’s research at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as an expert in Economic Botany. In addition to his research at the USDA for more than 30 years, Dr. Duke has published more than 30 books, numerous articles and reviews, and remained active in his research on medicinal plants.

Dr. Duke was a catalyst and guiding figure of the award-winning gardens Ethnobotanical, workshops and ACEER programs. New commercially viable medicines were developed by researchers at ACEER gardens. In 2012, ACEER granted Dr. Duke with the Legacy Award, in recognition to his great contributions and achievements in research and conservation.

Beca de Estudios Etnobotánicos en Español

Ethnobotanical Studies Scholarship