Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Custom Climate Change Workshop

One of the many things that The ACEER Foundation does is provide field-based, experiential learning programs for individuals and groups from around the world. From May 9-20 of 2016, representatives from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) had the unique opportunity to participate in one such learning program. After reaching out to ACEER, DEWA was able to customize its own workshop experience in Peru with the intended goals of seeing first hand the effects of climate change and achieving an understanding of some of the different perspectives on and methods of combatting it.

pMorganDr. Paul Morgan, professor at West Chester University and chair of the board of the ACEER Foundation, was able to accompany and lead the DEWA group on their trip. He witnessed the shift in perspective that occurred for the group when the itinerary moved on from the heady indoor PowerPoint presentations and sharing of ideas through conversation and lecture, to the more field based, experiential portion of the trip. Continue reading “Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Custom Climate Change Workshop”