ACEER announces the award of the 2015 Dr. James A. Duke Ethnobotanical Fellowship to Jose Antonio Hurtado Huarcaya

ACEER is pleased to award to Mr. Jose Antonio Hurtado Huarcaya the 2015 Dr. James A. Duke Ethnobotanical Fellowship. He will receive $1000 in support of his research project, The Cultural Significance of Medicinal Plants in the District of Quinua (Ayacucho) Peru. Jose is a masters student at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima where he is earning a masters in tropical botany with an emphasis on ethnobotany.

JamesDuke280The James A. Duke Ethnobotanical Fellowship was established by founding ACEER board member Dr. James A. Duke, recipient of ACEER’s 2013 Legacy Award for life long contributions to rainforest conservation. Jim has dedicated his life to bringing the healing power of medicinal plants to a global audience. This Fellowship continues his legacy by supporting a new generation of ethnobotanists.

Camu Camu / Myciaria dubia

Camu Camu 1by Dr. Katherine Gaston

Camu Camu is a shrub growing in watery, swampy areas of the Amazon rainforest and is often harvested directly into a canoe from the river. It produces lemon size fruit orange-red in color. Although it has not been documented to have been used extensively by indigenous people, it has more recently been discovered to contain very high levels of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant known to protect the body from free-radicals, stress and aging and to boost the immune system in fighting infection. In fact, it may contain the highest source of vitamin C occurring naturally on Continue reading “Camu Camu / Myciaria dubia”

Posada Amazonas

by Janet N. Gold

As I sit at my computer today on a fog-shrouded morning on the coast of Maine, I can close my eyes and still recall the feeling of being a small human presence in the vibrant rainforest surrounding Posada Amazonas, a rainforest of plant and animal life so integrated and alive that my human presence sometimes felt like an intrusion.

Home_7cIn 1996 the Posada Amazonas was barely a dream, the embryo of a vision, when Eduardo Nycander of Rainforest Expeditions, a Peruvian ecotourism company, signed an agreement with the Ese-Ejá community of Infierno in the Tambopata Continue reading “Posada Amazonas”