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Preserving More than Forest
Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest threatens to destroy not only the forest itself, but also the unique cultures and perspectives of the people that have lived in it for thousands of years.​
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Field report: University of Delaware/ACEER project to preserve the culture of the Ese' Eja in the Peruvian Amazon
ACEER is collaborating with the National Geographic Society and the University of Delaware to help the Ese’Eja people of Peru preserve their culture. Watch this video to see how.
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ACEER partner and nominee, Victor Zambrano, wins coveted Buffet Award for Latin American Conservation awarded by the National Geographic Society
Victor Zambrano has dedicated his life to the restoration of natural forests in the Madre de Dios region of Peru’s southeastern...
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ACEER healthcare 2016
Peru Workshop August 9-17 - Healthcare and Healing Traditions of Amazonia: Exploring the Roots of Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine
Join us for an adventurous, professional development journey into the Peruvian Amazon! This workshop will explore conventional medicine as well as the rich healing...
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Latest News
Primary Forest National Park 2
Peru Announces a New 1.3 Million Hectare National Park
ACEER applauds the Peruvian government’s announcement of a new 1.3 million hectare primary forest national park.
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Mark Plotkin TED Talk
The greatest and most endangered species in the Amazon rainforest
In an energetic and sobering talk, the ethnobotanist brings us into the world of the forest's indigenous tribes and the incredible...
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Amazon Tribe Makes First Contact With Outside World
Uncontacted Indians making first contact with a settled Ashaninka community near the Brazil-Peru border.
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Andrew Bale captures Ese'Eja culture for National Geographic-sponsored project
Andrew Bale journeyed to Peru's jungles to capture images for a National Geographic-funded project to map the Ese'Eja's culture. The project aims to enable Ese'Eja society to reclaim ancestral lands from the Peruvian government.
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